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Creative, Fun, and Original Maternity Photo Ideas

Creative, Fun, and Original Maternity Photo Ideas

maternity_picMaternity photos are a great way to remember what it was like to be pregnant long after your little one is born. If you are looking for a way to remember that exciting time when you were expecting, maternity photography is the most practical and fun option. But when you are planning a photo session, it is important to have some creative ideas for your photographer so the pictures are unique and original. We have all seen the typical photography pictures that the average photographer takes. If you want your pictures to be more than just average in the eye of the beholder, consider these ideas and your guests are sure to marvel at the beautiful picture that adorns your wall.

Take Pictures with the Food You Crave Most

Every pregnant women will experience cravings at some point in their pregnancy. These cravings may come on early or later on. If you want to take a creative pose, consider having something that represents your craving at the shoot. You can take “candid” pictures of you enjoying your favorite food with your baby bump and remember why you started loving strawberries or why you started sending your husband out for loaded baked potatoes in the middle of the night.

Capture the Essence of Your Home

There is just something more intimate about photographs that are taken in your home. If you are debating whether or not to go into the studio, you should think about how much more it will mean to have your professional maternity photos taken in the home where you conceived your child and will raise them. You can take pictures looking out your bedroom window, pictures in bed reading your favorite book while it rests on your bump, or pictures while you look in your bathroom mirror and inspect your developing baby bump.

Creative Pictures

There are a number of ways that you can get creative with your photos. The creativity can make your photos more fun and add a bit of humor if that is your personality. There is nothing wrong with turning your photos into something that evokes more than just an “aww” moment. Pictures comparing your belly to a watermelon, pictures with your stomach wrapped as a gift, and photos comparing you and your husband’s tummies in a funny way might spice things up. If you want humor and you want sentimental photos, take a few of each and you will have a nice variety to choose from.

Why wait to take pictures of your baby until they are a newborn. Life starts when the egg is fertilized and you want to document every stage of your little one’s life. As your little one gets older, you can show them pictures when they were in your belly and give them their own pictures to keep when they enter adulthood. Never forget what it was like to carry your child, and plan your photo shoot ahead of time so that you have ideas for poses and props that you can use.

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This post was provided by Jen Simard, a mother of four. She used a Toronto newborn photographer when her kids were born. She strongly recommends Honeybourne Studios in Whitby, ON ‎(416) 970-4669.

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