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The Student’s Guide to Ironing Your Clothes

The Student’s Guide to Ironing Your Clothes

So, you’ve left home and headed off to university alone. The first few week’s pass in a blur of parties, lectures and tinned spaghetti, but then suddenly you wake up to find your bedroom has almost been buried under a pile of dirty clothes. It’s time to head down to the student laundry room! Once they’re washed and dried, up comes that dreaded task – ironing. If you want to look great and impress the opposite sex, you’re going to need to learn how to iron your clothes into a vaguely crease-free shape, and no giving them to your Mum at the Easter break just isn’t going to cut it.

So, for those who’ve never touched an iron before, here’s just how to go about using that mysterious object…

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1. Firstly, before you begin ironing you should check the label on each of your garments. The label will tell you if the item of clothing is suitable for ironing – a good thing to know before you start! Many an expensive silk blouse have been destroyed because the owner didn’t check the label first. The label will also tell you what temperature to set the iron at.

2. If you want ironing to be over and done with as quickly as possible, you want a steam iron. The steam makes the clothes ever so slightly damp, making it much easier to smooth out the wrinkles quickly and easily. So, fill up that water reservoir! This is what the little plastic jug that came with your iron is for by the way…

3. Now, set the iron to the right temperature. You should then wait for a few minutes to allow it to heat up, most irons have a light which will turn on (or off – check your manual) to let you know when it’s ready to go. If some of your clothes require you to use your iron at a cooler setting you should organise your items into separate piles according to their specific setting requirement – do the low temperature ones first and work your way up. Otherwise you may find yourself burning a hole in your favourite t-shirt if the iron hasn’t cooled down enough (and they take ages to cool down!)

4. Pop the clothes onto your ironing board with one layer to be ironed wherever possible – slip your t-shirt or dress over the pointy end of the board (yes, they’re that shape for a reason) almost like you’re dressing the ironing board and iron, then spin round to iron the other side. Ensure that the iron is always moving – you should never leave it sitting still on your clothes of they’ll burn.

5. Got it crease free? Now fold or hang it up straight away – as it cools down it will wrinkle again if left in a pile, so always put each item away as you go.

6. Finally, unplug the iron (you’d be surprised how many people forget) and don’t touch it - I did mention how long they take to cool down!

Did you find this guide helpful? Let me know!

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