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The Top 5 Pregnancy Myths and Legends

The Top 5 Pregnancy Myths and Legends

Despite the incredible medical advances in pregnancy and childbirth in the last century, myths and legends still continue to be passed down from generation to generation! Most of these aren’t true but can be a bit of harmless fun, yet some are downright dangerous! Anything that goes against your doctor or midwife’s advice isn’t a good idea and definitely won’t be medically sound. Here’s our take on the top 5 pregnancy myths (and it was hard to choose just 5!)

Hair, Hair and More Hair?

Number 5 on the top 5 myths and legends is this common belief: Heartburn during pregnancy means your baby will have a full head of hair. Although a lot of mothers claim this to be true, it is probably just co-incidence! Heartburn is actually caused by an increase in the hormone progesterone which causes the valve separating the stomach and the oesophagus to relax. This means that gastric acids can come back up the oesophagus and cause that burning feeling. So, it’s nothing to do with whether you baby has hair or not!

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Next we have the not-so popular belief that if you hate someone whilst you are pregnant then your baby will end up looking like them! This had to get on the list as it is so incredibly strange and couldn’t ever be based in any scientific fact. However, ‘hating someone’ will probably cause undue stress which you don’t need while you’re pregnant so it might be best to avoid it for that reason! Bottom line: try not to hate anyone whilst you’re pregnant (especially if you don’t like their nose…)

Late Show

Number 3 on the list is the myth that first babies will always be late. Strangely enough this one has actually got some research to back it up! Studies show that around 60% of first babies are late, while 5% arrive on their due date and the remaining 35% are early. However this is more likely to be to do with your menstrual cycle rather than what number baby you’re pregnant with. A shorter cycle is linked to an early birth, whilst a usual cycle longer than 28 days means your baby might arrive after their due date!


Competing for the top spot is the common myth that pregnant women shouldn’t take baths because of germs being passed from the water into the body. Like myth number 3, this is mainly false but has some basis in truth. Basically, germs cannot be passed on from your bath to you and baths are very relaxing for mothers to be. The only thing to watch out for is the temperature. Very hot baths (over 100F) can have negative effects such as dehydration and causing your body temperature to rise. So keep your baths warm, but not scorching and you’ll be fine.

Urine Predictions!

So, at number 1 in our list of pregnancy beliefs we have the ‘Drano fluid mixed with urine can predict your baby’s gender’ myth! This one bagged the top spot because it’s very important that everyone knows THIS IS NOT TRUE. It’s also extremely dangerous and the fumes from Drano can harm you and your baby if inhaled. The myth is that if you mix Drano with urine the colour will indicate whether you’re carrying a boy or a girl. There’s absolutely no fact in this and so it’s best to stay away from the cleaning fluids until after the baby is born, and even then, only use them for cleaning!

This article has been written by Rosanne Moulding from and she enjoys finding out the different tales about pregnancy.

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