How To Pleasure A Woman

Video - how to please your girl in bed

It's not always easy, knowing how to please a woman in bed. You need some help, some advice, some knowledge of what women really want.

And we're here to help. If you're a guy who's baffled by the demands of women, stand by for some clarity!

First of all, you need to have is patience. Oh yes, and some skill, of course. But really, time and patience go a long way. You see, we know it takes ten to twenty times longer to turn a woman on than it takes to turn a man on.

And by "turn on", we mean get her (or you) ready for sex. That would mean lubricated and wanting to be penetrated in the case of a woman, and erect and ready for penetration in the case of a man.

So - if you have time on your hands, so much the better. Twenty minutes of time before you even look for penetration. And in that time, you are going to stroke, kiss, tease, kiss, stroke, tease... and use your fingers, tongue and lips, as well as the whole of your skin, to give your partner an orgasm. Yes, give her an orgasm. That's because sex doesn't finish when a woman comes.

(Think how often sex finishes when a man ejaculates. Usually, yes?)

So you are going to do things differently - you are going to take account of her needs. But why, you may be asking, does she need an orgasm before penetration?

Well, because (as you may have noticed) a woman will rarely come from intercourse alone.

And even if you provide additional clitoral stimulation, by using a vibrator, or your fingers, as you make love to her, you may well reach orgasm before she does. And then, where does that leave her?

Answer - unsatisfied. Aroused, but hanging on for an orgasm.

Foreplay makes sex much more rewardingSure, you might say, she can take care of herself. Well, yes. She can. But is that really what you want to have happen here?

She's looking to you for sexual pleasure, and you, my dear man, are most likely wanting to give it to her. After all, most men are highly motivated to give sexual pleasure to their partners.

The first and perhaps the best way of doing this is to use oral pleasure and I don't mean by that simply cunnilingus.

What I mean is using your lips and tongue to kiss every part of your woman's body, sensitively and delicately, particularly around the breasts and vulva. Such intimate contact will excite her without a doubt.

But when you move from the intimate contact of lips on skin to lips on genitals or breasts or nipples, she's going to feel arousal increasing and her desire to sexual contact will mount quite rapidly.

It's a cunning technique which allows you to arouse a woman AND at the same time stay aroused yourself.

(But at this point I need to mention the fact that erections come and go during lovemaking. If you lose your erection during lovemaking, it really doesn't matter. It'll come back again quickly and easily, as soon as you're in a position to penetrate your partner.)

The key to teasing your partner is to give her a level of stimulation which arouses her so much that she is ready for penetration.

You can tell this quite easily by sipping a finger into her vagina just as she starts to get really aroused.

One method which you can use to good effect here is to offer her oral pleasuring on her clitoris whilst you finger the inside of her vagina. This is a great way for you to give her the greatest pleasure as you make love.

Go for the upper wall as she lies on her back that's the G spot. Certainly of all the techniques recommended by sex experts on the Internet, and indeed by women themselves in forums where they discuss what they want, this seems to be the featured and favorite technique that brings a woman off time and time again.

It's the intensity of arousal at the point where she finally comes which makes her orgasm extremely satisfying and pleasurable for her.

And what makes her arousal so high? It's teasing and skilful manipulation of her feelings which you, as a man, can provide for her. Does it take imagination to make this "loveplay" (aka foreplay) last for 20 minutes?

foreplay makes lovemaking much more rewardingWell, up to a point it does, but you can do it! Don't forget that the reward for you is a woman who reaches orgasm when she is highly aroused.

This in itself is hugely exciting for most men after all, you've brought her off!

What makes it even better is that once she's achieved orgasm, she won't lose interest in sex in the way that you probably do.

Indeed, she'd probably be more desirous of penetration, for you to enter her, when she's come. That way she will enjoy lovemaking to the full.

In fact she is quite likely to be desperate for penetration, and consumed with desire to feel the fullness of you inside her. (With a force equal to your desire to be in her. Felt that, have you? Then you know what she wants, too.)

After she's come, the soft warm wetness of her vagina will be deeply rewarding and intensely pleasurable to you. And, provided you're able to last long enough, you may or may not be able to bring her to orgasm again.

Sure, this is not guaranteed, but it really doesn't matter even if you don't take her to a second orgasm during lovemaking. Think of it a a bonus.

However, what you must do, is to look her in the eyes as you make love. Allow her body to follow your movements. (Coital alignment is good for this.) And, above all, if you're able to, shout out her name at moment of orgasm! 

(Better - shout "I love you, my darling [insert name]" as you come. It will have a quite extraordinary effect on her.....)

By doing these things you demonstrate yourself to be a man who is quite exceptional in his lovemaking skills and abilities.

You demonstrate sensitivity to her needs which most men won't even think of showing.

As you can well imagine, this is going to establish a much stronger relationship and a more powerful bond between you.

But it also makes her happy both inside the bedroom and outside the bedroom.

Truly, you can improve the quality of your relationship immensely by offering her the sexual pleasure and satisfaction she craves.

And all it takes are the simple techniques for pleasuring which I've described above.


Video - How To Please A Woman In Bed

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