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Infertility And Weight Loss

Infertility And Weight Loss

Infertility And Weight LossInfertility and weight loss

Being a parent is an awesome gift bestowed from nature to humans. But there are few unfortunate people who try hard, yet cannot achieve their right of being parents because of different reasons. Being overweight could be one such reason due to which their dream of being parent can be put at stake. Especially, those women who are bulky face a tough time conceiving, even though their monthly cycle is normal.

Moreover, those women who have excess belly fat, must look around for ways to shed belly fat. There are plenty of tips and exercises which can counter the question, how to lose belly fat. Try the following to avoid infertility caused by obesity.

The BMI factor

The ideal body mass index (BMI) for being pregnant, lie anywhere between 20 and 25. Those who are either below or above ideal BMI  probably will face infertility. Moreover, women who are extremely obese, with the BMI above 35 are unlikely to become pregnant by 50% reduced chances. Vice-versa for women with BMI below 20. Those who have BMI from 26 to 29, they are likely to attain pregnancy in fewer attempts.

Risk of problems during pregnancy

Even if, despite being obese you become pregnant, then it is not at all good for you and your expected child. It would not be a healthy pregnancy in any case, and you might suffer several complications during the nine months of pregnancy period. So, it is highly recommended to enter pregnancy with an ideal body weight, so that you can avoid the chances of complications. The born baby will be healthy only if you are healthy.

Boost your chance of conceiving

It is also worth mentioning that so far medical community could not prove scientifically that weight shed leads to early pregnancy. But, it is common knowledge from the medical practitioners across the world that weight loss can substantially boost the chances to attain the pregnancy at the earliest. To get in shape and get toned abs, one can avail of a flex belt coupon as well.

Women are more at risk

Moreover, males are less affected by weight as compared to females in order to become a parent. So, if you are a woman and planning to conceive a child then you must check your BMI and make your decision right away. If you are unable to pass the ideal BMI scale, then you should gear up for weight reducing exercises much before entering into pregnancy phase. Weight reduction after pregnancy is not possible and not advised either.

Also, pay attention to your diet; eat healthy and that too on time if you wish to conceive a healthy baby. And lastly, do not become prey to misleading advertisements for pills to boost your fertility. Go natural!

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