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Dr Mark Hyman has written about why diets fail ... and how you can succeed!

He makes the interesting observation that the majority of people gain on average 11 pounds each time they go on a diet. Read more here. The Principles Of Dieting, Wellbeing, Good Health And Fitness

The object is to give you a great sense of self pride, because you look good and feel great, whilst also ensuring that  the confidence  and that means sexual confidence in particular which comes from looking good can be yours.
So how is this to be achieved? Well, there are a number of ways that the Adonis golden ratio manages to convert a fat, non-aesthetic body into an Adonis godlike body.

Adonis The Greek God Of Beauty

First of all, theres a nutritional plan designed specifically for you.

This goes along with an exercise plan that is designed specifically for you.

Already, these are two unique advantages of the Adonis Golden Ratio, which is all about finding the best way that you can possibly show of your physique to the world at large, while at the same time getting the highest level of cardiovascular exercise appropriate to your level of musculature.

But the Adonis Golden Ratio goes much further: on hand are experts who can advise you about any aspect of the program be it weight loss, body building, nutrition or anything else at any time of day or night.
Youre part of a community of thousands and thousands of men who are trying to better themselves make themselves more desirable in relationships and to their own eyes.

These men will support you in your endeavors to lose weight and gain a better body they will also offer suggestions about how you can improve on your performance, and give you encouragement when your motivation is slipping.

You will see that these unique features with this particular diet plan are unrivalled in terms of any other diet plan available anywhere on the Internet, and, I suspect, in bookshops as well.

And of course we have known for a long time that having the support of a group around you is an extraordinarily powerful way of improving the success rate of your dieting Weight Watchers were the first to find this out.
But this is unique, because it isnt just a few people in a group, its 1000 or more men in the community who will support you whatever you need.

And theres an app which gives you the opportunity to meet men in your area who are on the Adonis plan so that you can get together with them in person for mutual support, trips to the gym, and even socializing.

The Adonis Golden Ratio may make a man look like this more attractive to men, for sure!

With all this going for it, the golden ratio seems to have more advantages than any of the programs Im aware of, and it certainly has a very high success rate.

But Im not suggesting that it you will turn into an Adonis, and that every rejection youve ever experienced when trying to get into relationship with a woman will be over and done with forever.

Those rejections are in the nature of life, but what I am suggesting is that when you have the Adonis Golden Ratio behind you, all of these things are going to look a lot easier than they do right now.

The Adonis Golden Ratio: A Superb Diet For Men

So ladies and gentlemen, I'm proud to introduce you to the best weight loss and fitness programs that you're ever going to find anywhere on the Internet!

These are the Venus Factor for women, by John Barban and Kyle Leon, and the Adonis Index, also known as the Adonis Golden Ratio for men, by the same duo.

Now, what's so special about these two programs for weight loss?

Well, first of all they are exceptional in their presentation, attention to detail and scientific background. For example, here is one of the exercise instruction sheets.


John Barban is a man with several degrees in sports science, exercise and fitness coaching, nutritional supplementation and human biology. That background has enabled him to produce two programs which far outweigh anything else that I have found on the Internet in terms of effectiveness and efficiency.

Now there are many reviews of the Venus Factor and The Adonis Index on the Internet, so you can read those up yourself if you want. But one of the things that I really would like to emphasize is that customer service here is superb.

One of the traditions of direct mail order marketing (the precursor to internet sales), which is being continued, particularly in America on the Internet, was excellent customer service, and it's good to know that American-based companies like the Venus Factor and The Adonis index (also, by the way, also known as the Adonis Golden Ratio) are continuing to provide high standards of customer service.

In the case of the Adonis index, this takes the form of 24/7 e-mail service which will answer your questions and resolve your problems in no time at all. Add that to the fact that you have a no-quibble money-back guarantee, and you see that the quality of operation here is very high. In short, it comes highly recommended for men's fitness.

I've also written a couple of other websites that you might be interested in, which you can look at elsewhere on the Internet. They give you added information.

This is because different information is required for the body builders, the fitness fanatics, and the exercise devotees. The market for The Adonis Index is so wide that it's worthwhile having a slightly divided review / market sector, targeting different objectives that men might have with this program: weight loss, fitness, bodybuilding, cardiovascular fitness, and exercising safely.

But their excellence isn't just about the content of these programs -- what makes them so special is the fact that you're part of a community, a community that offers complete support for all your objectives.

When you join either the Venus Factor or The Adonis Index, you immediately have the opportunity to join a community of thousands of people worldwide who can support you in your weight loss goals, no matter how rapid your weight loss desires may be. In the case of women and dieting, weight loss for women is easy with John Barban's support.

They will also support you in your fitness program and exercise regimen, and generally act as a whole resource of tips, tricks, information and support, to make your goals achievable.

Now this is remarkable in itself, because many of the forums on the Internet that deal with such things as weight loss and fitness are quite unpleasant places, where competitiveness rules. With the Adonis Index, and the Venus Factor, there's hardly any sign of competitiveness, and far from others criticizing your efforts, they're almost all entirely supportive.

So what do you get when you join either of these programs?

Video: Adonis Index

I've already mentioned that the programs are highly individualized, and this is indeed one of their greatest features.

This individualized approach means that no matter what your objectives might be, you're going to get the optimal exercise program and the optimal nutrition program to match your desires for fitness against your capacity to exercise, and your motivation.

Make no mistake about it, when losing weight or getting fit, motivation is everything -- or at least, half the battle!

That's precisely why you need the support of the community, so that you can obtain the moral support that others can offer (because they going through the same experience!).

And let's not disguise the fact, or hide it from ourselves: losing weight can be difficult, and getting fit can be even harder.

With a combination of an expert in the form of John Barban, the support of the forums, and a personalized exercise program, you stand a greater chance of success with the Venus factor and the Adonis index than almost any other program on the Internet.

Certain well-known programs like PX90 or Insanity have achieved a degree of success, but the truth of the matter is that they don't deliver in the same way that these two programs do.

It's a truism in life that anything that is worthwhile doing requires a bit of effort, and that's certainly true where weight loss is concerned.

So, once again, to reinforce the point, that although this may not be easy, the Venus Factor and the Adonis Index ago make everything much more achievable, so that you have a realistic chance of actually getting what you want.


Relationship Success

Well now, one of the things that you really have to get your head around when you're in a relationship, is the possibility that one day it might break up.

I mean to say, while we don't go around thinking about breaking up, do we, unless the relationship's in trouble, it is a possibility..... In which case I suggest that there are various ways that you could assist yourself and your partner towards a happy future: One of Them Is Called Text the Romance Back by Mike Fiore, and another, God forbid that you should ever need it, is Text Your Ex Back, also by Mike Fiore, the latter being a guide to making up after a breakup.

And, if you had great lovemaking, well, you would want to, wouldn't you?

Now, none of us want to breakup, unless we absolutely know the relationship's not serving as -- but it's still interesting how many people stick around in a relationship which is pretty bad quality. You need only think of domestic abuse victims to realize that there is some fundamental pull in a relationship which keeps us with who we  chose in the first place.

I personally believe that one of those pulls is our psychological, deeply subconscious urge to complete the "unfinished business" -- the psychological, unconscious drives which you never fulfilled with our parents.

That's why we seek out people who have the same issues as our parents -- so that we can "complete" the psychological business that we had unfinished with our parents. This is a kind Gestalt mechanism, and it's a powerful drive which keeps people in a relationship even when the relationship appears to be hopeless.

Now I'm not suggesting that we should all break out of these relationships, because what happens is that people take the unfinished emotional "baggage" from one relationship to the next, and until they do the psychological work that is needed to resolve their emotional issues, they're likely to continue repeating the pattern of finding the same unsuitable people in every relationship they enter.

Just what motivates you in relationship?

One way to deal with this, obviously, is to do the psychological work either within or without the relationship which may be needed to ensure that the emotional issues that you have not yet resolved do not continue to dictate your behavior in the world. And, for that matter,  in relationships too.

Obviously one way to deal with this is to get deep psychotherapy, but another way, which may well be simpler, is to buy an Internet program that offers you useful advice and information and suggestions on how to resolve relationship issues that may be troubling you and your partner.

I mentioned text your ex back above - click here to see more:  - and for a good reason: although it's a simple program, or at least it appears to be a simple program, it can actually assist you dramatically effectively in resolving at least the more superficial emotional issues that you have with your partner, so that you can establish lines of true and open communication and generally preserve the relationship in situations where it might otherwise breakup.

Video - Text Your Ex Back

Text Your Ex Back is by Mike Fiore, and it represents a popular attempt to bring psychological principles of relationships to the general public. It isn't framed like that, of course, it's framed more about a way to get your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend back into relationship if you've had a breakup with them.

The truth of the matter is that in actual fact it's based on sound psychological principles rather similar to the ones that you might experience if you were to go to a relationship counselor for advice and help.

In other words, you are taught how to establish open and honest communication, you're taught how to speak without blame, resentment or guilt, and your taught how to listen reflectively and from an openhearted place so that your partner genuinely feels heard.

You will observe that all of these things are of course absolutely essential to open and honest communication within any relationship, and you may well know also that although they are hard practice, they are the things that make a relationship succeed.

And one of the reasons why  Text Your Ex Back can work so successfully in a relationship breakup is because communication by SMS text messaging is actually based on the principles of LOVE - that is to say love, not only as an emotion, but as an anachronism for: listen, observe, verify, and empathize.

So to start with, listening means reflective listening, which is actually taking account of what  your partner has to say -- whatever you think about what they're saying is almost irrelevant, because the point is that what they are saying is a representation of the way they feel.

And they are entitled to their feelings, just as you are, and even though those comments may impact on you and may seem to be judgments of you, your partner, or your ex-partner, certainly has a right to represent to you how they feel. So if you listen reflectively, you're honoring their position, even if you don't agree with it.

Observing, well, that's all about making sure that you're watching everything there is to see about body language, subtle communication that is non-verbal, and it compounds your impressions from the verbal and spoken material.

Verify: that's about ensuring that you've got the meaning correct by feeding back to them in a reflective way the essence of what they're saying. It's one of the hardest things to do without bursting into your own defense, or an explanation of your own position, but it's absolutely essential that you learn the art of doing so in order to ensure that your partner can communicate in a trusting way with you -- and indeed if lack of trust is one of the reasons why you broke up in the first place, it's even more important.

Empathize? That's actually trying to understand what your partner is feeling -- the hurt and pain that can go along with a breakup can be considerable, and it can certainly stop people feeling empathy for each other. The truth of the matter is that unless you feel empathy you're not likely to be able to get back together into relationship.

The Power Of Love

I'm not suggesting that if you adopt this acronym of LOVE then everything is going to be sweetness and light, because old habits die hard. What I mean by that is that it's hard to restrain yourself from responding to your partner in the way that you traditionally have done: probably without listening carefully, certainly without verifying their meaning, and probably without empathizing at all. Because, let's face it, if you were able to do those things then you would actually be able to establish and maintain a good relationship without the help of a program like text your ex back!

What I'm saying overall this something like this: if you really decide you actually want your partner back, that you've made a terrible mistake, and that the world is going to come to an end for you (metaphorically) if you don't have your ex partner back, then the best way to deal with this situation is to find some techniques that can help you re-establish rapport and empathy.

SMS text messaging is a good way to do this because it removes the defensiveness, it eliminates aggressiveness, and it can provide you with a clean and honest approach to opening communication that really does allow you to enter onto the path of LOVE - that is to say, listening, observing, verifying in empathizing.

Text Your Ex Back is often represented in a rather misunderstood way, as a cheap program that you can use to manipulate your lost loved one / partner into coming back with you. But the truth of the matter is that it's nothing like manipulation if it's used correctly: Text Your ex Back is about re-establishing open and honest communication that can help you get back together into a relationship you feel is worthwhile.

I highly recommend it, because after all, if you've broken up a boyfriend or girlfriend, and you now regret doing so,  and you are really sure that you want to get back together, what you have to lose?

Manifestation Success

Publication of The Secret in 2007 generated a huge amount of interest in the Law of Attraction (click here for more information on manifestation).

And of course, it also generated a massive amount of interest in the concept of manifestation which broadly speaking means the co-creation, along with the universal laws of attraction, creation and manifestation, of whatever you want in your life.

Most people don't actually get the magnitude of this, the astounding fact that we can produce whatever we want in life.

When you think about it, this is a truly amazing and quite breathtaking phenomenon.

Read more here.

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