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Five Most Appealing Cities to Live In

Five Most Appealing Cities to Live In

Five Most Appealing Cities to Live In

Beauty and madness

What makes a place a great place to live in? Low unemployment rate? Low crime rate? Stellar education system? More often than not, people compromise their desires of living in a certain place due to the factors previously mentioned. As a result, they end up settling in a place they have hardly heard of. Though this place has, without a doubt, plenty of lovely things to offer, it may not give them the experiences, or even the quality of life, that they have planned for themselves.

The top five

Barring the usual factors such as jobs or overall economy, education system, safety and so on that people generally take into consideration when looking for a place to live, these five cities often turn up in many different articles. They all come with their own list of pros and cons, of course. However, this article points out the selling factors of these cities on why they made the top five.

Valencia, Spain

Valencia is the third largest city in Spain and was previously criticized for not being tourist-friendly (compared to the country’s other large cities, Barcelona and Madrid). The truth is that Valencia is arguably one of the most beautiful cities to live in the entire European continent due to its year-round friendly weather, cultural assets and, of course, its geographical location along the Mediterranean coast.

New York City, New York

There is something about New York City that makes it alluring for people to live in. Branded as the greatest city in the world, people from all corners of the globe come to this highly congested town to make their dreams come true. New York is a hub of all sorts of activities ranging from arts, history and culture, politics, media and entertainment and many more.

St. Paul, Hamburg

Located near the Baltic, this German city is home to HafenCity, the largest urban regeneration spot in Europe. Though HafenCity is far from completion, St. Paul boasts incredible architecture, amazing community-minded planning and exquisite coffee.

Cihangir, Istanbul

Istanbul was known to be that corner in the world where “east meets west” during the time of Constantinople. Thanks to the developments in this city, that slogan is finally coming true again. Cihangir is a great place to live in, especially for the city-slicking singleton. It has amazing museums, interesting bars, good economic growth and a functional public transportation system.

London, England

One does not need class nor royal blood to consider moving to London UK. Though it is mostly known in the world for the Buckingham Palace and its inhabitants, London has more than just the most famous royal family to offer. Like many progressive first world countries, London is a modern city that has something for everyone.

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