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Publication of The Secret in 2007 generated a huge amount of interest in the Law of Attraction (click here for more information on manifestation).

And of course, it also generated a massive amount of interest in the concept of manifestation which broadly speaking means the co-creation, along with the universal laws of attraction, creation and manifestation, of whatever you want in your life.

Most people don't actually get the magnitude of this, the astounding fact that we can produce whatever we want in life.

When you think about it, this is a truly amazing and quite breathtaking phenomenon.

How can it be that the divine force, the cosmic consciousness, infinite intelligence, whatever you call it, has given us the power to manifest whatever it is that we desire - provided we do so in certain ways? There is no easy answer to that, and people have resorted to pseudoscientific explanations for quite some time now relying on nonsensical theories about quantum physics which actually have no bearing and no basis in reality.

My attitude is this: you don't actually need to know what the Law of Attraction is all about to make it work. You don't actually need to know how or why the universe has gifted us human beings with this phenomenal ability to create new and better circumstances in your life.

Now, because you're here reading this, you probably do actually believe in the law of manifestation and the Law of Attraction. Good! They are actually real laws that can guide us and help us in our lives, but what you probably don't know is how to make the laws work for yourself.

I mean, after all, if it was that easy, we'd all be millionaires already! And despite the best efforts of people like Rhonda Byrne who wrote The Secret, the truth of the matter is that actually making manifestation work remains somewhat elusive and difficult for the majority of people.

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Now this has to be for a reason, because I think that there is a fundamental & widespread belief that The Secret and the Law of Attraction do in fact actually have a genuinely universal mechanism behind them.

And it seems to me that the main reason why manifestation doesn't work for some people is because they don't have a sufficiently strong belief in the process.

I can tell you that from my own experience of manifestation over many years, and research among many experts, and from my workshop presentations to people who successfully use manifestation in their everyday lives, that you have to believe absolutely 100% in the reality and the possibility of your desired objective or desired outcome manifesting in your life.

Anything less than 100% belief will completely stop the process, prevent it from working, and prevent you from getting whatever you want in your life.

This may seem harsh, particularly since a number of authors suggest that you don't need to believe, that you  only need to "act as if" you believe in the outcome.

I certainly don't believe that! I think genuine and complete belief in what you are doing, in the possibility of obtaining your desired outcome, and indeed in the mechanism of the Law of Attraction, is absolutely central for you to able to manifest anything. This is why you should start with small objectives, and work up to bigger ones as time goes by it's a lot easier to believe that you can manifest a parking space or a hundred dollars than it is to believe that you can manifest $1 million in six months!

Well, that statement certainly needs qualifying! It might be difficult for you to believe that, but somebody like Richard Branson or any other successful entrepreneur may find it extremely easy to believe a million dollars will manifest in six months. You see what I'm saying?

That you have to believe, but what you believe depends on what you are accustomed to achieving in your life. Setting yourself ridiculous or amazingly ambitious targets is just going to set you up for failure.

Desire for an outcome matters too!

And then of course you have to have the desire: you have to really want to whatever you are trying to achieve there's no point trying to achieve anything unless you really want it in your life. While the universe isn't capricious, it's certainly not going to cooperate with you on a meaningless quest to acquire material goods.

That's why people say that your fundamental belief has to be tempered by a sense of doing something that makes a difference and a sense of positive outcome, a sense that something you manifest will produce a better world for you and other people in it.

I'm not necessarily sure that I believe that, but it's certainly better for the spirit and soul if you're actually manifesting something that has a purpose. So, therefore, if you are trying to manifest a million dollars, you need to know why you are trying to manifest that particular amount of money: is it to start a business, is it to help your family, is it to support homeless people?

Certainly having a purpose that you're passionate about makes it a lot easier to believe in manifestation, and a lot easier to create the desire and sustain it for as long as it takes to manifest your objective.

And then, finally, you have to also expect your desired objective to manifest which might be harder than you imagine. I believe that to have a million dollars in the bank account in six months if I won the lottery is quite possible (people win the lottery all the time), but I don't personally expect to win the lottery, and that's the sticking point. Belief is one thing, expectation is another, and they need to be in line.

Last but not least, the fourth element of the formula for manifestation is for you to take action. This doesn't have to be huge, or massive, action but it certainly does have to be action so significant that it can be "seen" by the universe and suggests you have faith in whatever it is that you want manifest, actually appearing.

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