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Body Language and How to Tell If He’s Lying to You

Body Language and How to Tell If He's Lying to You

If you suspect your boyfriend is lying to you, what do you do to uncover the truth? Do you ask him flat-out and see what he says? Do you snoop around on his phone or computer? Do you try to set him up to catch him in a lie? Do you look for evidence that could prove or disprove his story? Most of these tactics could work, but they’re also sneaky and dishonest of you.
Except flat-out asking him – this can work, but only if you stop focusing on what he says. It’s not his words that you need to pay attention to, but his body. Body language is a powerful, universal language that almost always speaks the truth. While your man can tell a lie, he can’t make his body go along with it. The next time you think a guy is lying to you, here is how to tell by watching his body instead.
His Eyes

Eyes are the windows to a person’s soul, and in this case they’ll let you see if that soul is lying or not. If he stares intently into your eyes and holds your gaze, he’s trying too hard to convince you that he’s sincere, and he’s lying. If he continually looks away, or looks up and to his right before answering you, he is lying. On the other hand, if he looks up and to the left before answering you, he’s probably telling the truth and just trying to remember something – not make it up.
His Legs

When someone is lying, they move more often than when they’re telling the truth, because they’re uncomfortable. If he moves his legs or feet awkwardly, taps his toes nervously, wraps his legs around a chair, or frequently crosses and uncrosses his legs, his nervous energy is showing, and he’s lying.
His Hands

His hands will also move awkwardly or uncomfortably and reveal that he’s lying. He might open and close his hands. He might place his hands or his thumbs in his pocket. He also might turn his palms downward. Conversely, if he palms are facing up, he just might be telling the truth. When his palms are up, it’s a more vulnerable position. When they’re down or hidden, he’s subconsciously trying to protect you from his lie. If he keeps bringing his hand to his face and touching his nose, ears, chin, or other area of his face, he’s probably lying.
His Mouth

If he places his hands in front of his mouth while he’s speaking, or if he shields his mouth with anything else, like a coffee cup, he’s probably lying. Another sign of a lie is if he flicks his tongue or licks his lips before speaking.
His Body

In general, a person who is lying will subconsciously turn away from you because they are uncomfortable or trying to avoid the topic. If he turns his body away from you, or if he puts something in between the two of you like a newspaper, he’s lying. If he stands extremely still and rigid, he could also be telling a lie.

Carly Sorensen is a native of Las Vegas who enjoys freelancing and going out with her friends. She often covers topics that relate to Vegas nightlife or relationships.

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