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Recently there were two presentations at Annual Meeting of the American Urological Association (AUA), discussing premature ejaculation (PE). Apparently PE is one of man's most common, sexual problems, more common than erectile dysfunction, and can affect men at any time in their lives. Three out of four men experience PE on a regular basis.

Needless to say, this is not too popular with women, who prefer a man to be in control of his sexuality and sexual responses. The Tao Of Badass is a great way of moving into the mental and emotional space that a really masculine man occupies - such men rarely have trouble with premature ejaculation.

The first presentation highlighted the fact that 20-30 percent of men commonly suffer from (PE), but the condition is unmentionable in today's society. James H. Barada explained that PE is a frequent medical condition that can have an appalling impact on the quality of life of patients and their partners. But most men refuse to speak about it with their partners or physicians.

It was suggested that renaming the condition would help increase discussion about, and reduce the stigma associated with it. A working group, sponsored by Johnson & Johnson, has been established to investigate the matter and has produced some interesting results.

The group found that the term premature ejaculation was generally recognized and understood by men and their partners, and stated that changing the name may have a bad effect, causing confusion. The study showed that other terms that were sometimes used by physicians, like rapid ejaculation, were not properly understood by the participants.

Most importantly, the results show that the stigma is nothing to do with the name, but with the condition itself. The group recommends continued use of the term PE to describe the condition, and calls on medical professionals to encourage communication to reduce the stigma of premature ejaculation.

But, given that not being able to last long enough in bed is such a common condition, why is it so stigmatized?

Research by Dr Andrew R. McCullough suggests that the underlying reason might be the impact that PE has on a man's life, leaving him with feelings of inadequacy and embarrassment.

Dr. McCullough goes on to say that men with lack of control over ejaculation tend to be less satisfied with sex and suffer more problems with sexual anxiety.

Men classified with probable premature ejaculation reported low satisfaction with sexual intercourse, discontent with sexual relationships and difficulty in becoming sexually aroused. These findings show up the negative impact of PE on quality of life and dating and sexual enjoyment.

Dr. McCullough stresses the prevalence and impact of PE in addition to the importance of open dialogue. These studies show that male sexual health encompasses more medical conditions than erectile dysfunction.

How To Last Longer And Completely Fulfill Your Lover

Nearly all men find that from time to time they ejaculate too soon when they make love. That's why programs like the Tao of Badass are so popular: they help men to overcome these problems by changing their mental state.

Having said that, the definition of fast ejaculation allows for the fact that some couples’ sexual expectations are incredibly different to others.

Generally, however, you can say that a man suffers from premature ejaculation if he reaches his orgasm within two minutes of penetration.

But does the Tao Of Badass really offer a way to control premature ejaculation? The answer seems to be that it does - indirectly, at least, by giving men greater confidence around women.

And when men have more confidence, they need fewer dating tips. And when lovemaking lasts for such a brief period, neither the man nor his partner are receiving as much enjoyment as they could from their lovemaking.

But rapid ejaculation isn't merely a difficulty of not achieving sexual pleasure for the woman: men who continually reach climax too quickly experience a sense of failure as a man which can affect their masculine self- esteem.

Not forgetting the fact that nearly all women who consistently have sex with a man who ejaculates too rapidly are sexually frustrated and unfulfilled, even when they have orgasms by genital masturbation or cunnilingus.

Why? As I have said many times, and will say again, women want the intimacy of making love to their man for as long as possible.

All this makes a strong case for studying the way to last longer during sex than you do at the moment (unless of course you're currently a man with considerable endurance)! I've made the point already that for most couples, lovemaking is pretty short – two or three minutes at most.

Lovemaking that lasts for so short a time will not satisfy most women. When you learn how to last longer in bed, you will feel better as a man, and your partner will respect you more as well.

But even though the rewards can be great, I am aware that men may find it very difficult to handle ejaculation problems.

It’s all too easy when you get into bed, and you're beginning to get excited, to find your intentions to control premature ejaculation simply come to nothing. That's when low self-esteem can begin to develop. And that, my friend, is when the Tao of Badass begins to come into its own.

Masturbation may be satisfying, but nothing beats a relationship with a real woman who can reciprocate love and affection. As you may know, most dating tips for men are superficial and foolish. That is really why you need something as profoundly life-altering as The Tao of Badass.

Having said that, when you know how to make it happen, controlling early ejaculation can be easier than you ever imagined.

What follows could make all the difference to your ability to control your tendency to ejaculate too soon during lovemaking, and the great thing is that these tips are both simple and effective.

You need to be hundred percent certain that you really want to last longer in bed. I've seen a lot of men who expressed a desire to control premature ejaculation but somehow forgot it when they were in bed with their partner!

As I say, decide right now that you're going to control premature ejaculation and develop greater staying power. And if you can't find the motivation to do this for your own sexual pleasure, do it for your partner's sake, simply because a happier woman in the bedroom is a happy woman outside the bedroom.

If you combine simple premature ejaculation control techniques with information on how to seduce women like that contained in Badass, then this review should be all you need to make your sex and relationships many times more successful.

The second step in extending your staying power is learning to be relaxed during intercourse. Now don't get me wrong, having sex is exhilarating, and so a lot of tension builds up along the way towards climax.

But the reality is that when your muscles are tense and your body is aroused – which you see in the form of shallow breathing and slight perspiration – you're almost certainly going to ejaculate more quickly than you would if you were more relaxed.

One way that you can prove this to yourself is to make love in the man on top position and then to try sex with the woman on top. In the first case you’re much more tense, and you're likely to ejaculate much more quickly.

The Tao of Badass offers a way to get round all these problems and get more confidence in bed - and this review offers you the chance to see if it would be right for you.

And in fact it is actually possible to keep your body relaxed and slow down your breathing even if you happen to be experiencing the exhilaration of sexual intercourse.

What you should do is maintain a part of your mind aware of how tense you are and how deep your breathing is.

Every time you sense you're getting tense, consciously relax your muscles; every time you notice your breathing is shallow, deliberately slow it down and take regular deep breaths. The two simple strategies will actually enable you to last much longer in bed.

The third step is to develop an awareness of how close you are to your ejaculation. I find many men who come for help with rapid ejaculation simply do not know how aroused they are during lovemaking, and often ejaculation takes them by surprise.

Reviewing Tao of Badass, I have come across many men who think that the program has helped them enormously to overcome their sexual problems by giving them both dating tips and greater confidence in bed.

Obviously if you don't know how near you are to your ejaculation you have no hope of controlling it. But if you're aware how near you are to ejaculating, you can slow down the rhythm of sex to reduce your arousal and extend lovemaking.

When you're aware how aroused you are, you can stop thrusting and allow your arousal to drop to a safe level.

All men who lack confidence in bed need to thank Joshua Pellicer for his work on Tao of Badass, a system which really helps men who want to meet women, date women, enjoy sex with women and last longer in bed with women.

So how can you make this happen? You should practice during masturbation: utilizing a good oil as lube – olive oil is best in my opinion – intentionally set out to bring yourself near to the point of ejaculation, stopping before you get there, and maintaining a clear, crisp sense of awareness on how you feel when you become more turned on.

When you begin, you may find that you tend to reach the point of ejaculation quite quickly; this is why self-discipline is necessary.

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